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Joseph Courtemanche

Joseph is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, The Defense Language Institute, and Pace University. He has an extensive technical, military, medical, and foreign language vocabulary. His ability to properly pronounce words in a number of languages is invaluable in producing audiobooks. He has included this picture because it is ultimately irrelevant to your picking his voice for your work. But it does show off his beard nicely.

His experience with audio books and voice over goes back almost two decades, having recorded a number of books for the Minnesota State Services For The Blind as a volunteer. In addition, he has hours of experience reading live on the air on their special needs radio station. He has also performed dozens of times for television and radio commercials, voice over systems, and industrial training films/documentaries. 

Click on this link to hear his samples at Voice123.com where he's been a registered talent since 2003. 

His list of over 20 Audible/Amazon works is at this link!

Joseph's commercial work includes, print, television, movies, and radio. If you've ever wondered who that voice was asking about your credit card debt, discussing herbicide needs for your corn crop, or promoting the local jewelry store, there's a good chance you've just had your question answered.

Joseph is also an author and a blogger. His blog, commotioninthepews.com is read by over three visitors each month (Mom, my wife, and the authorities.)  As an author, he's well aware of your needs in getting your book done the right way so that listeners enjoy it from beginning to end.  

Here's a list of some of his voice over clients:

Visual Eyes Inc.                                     

U. of MN Hospitals                                


Risdall Advertising                                

Minnesota Services for the Blind             

Oshkosh Defense

LifeCore Prima Connex                          

Grande Communications                       

Oregon Sound Studios


SoBe Energy Drinks                              

Norsvinn (Norway) 2 Pieces

Verztec( Mult. Clients) (German)                         

Archdiocese of Washington D.C.            

Eliane Tile (Brazil)

Lionel Trains                                          

City Creek Press                                   

Buschle & Lepper (German)

Mountz Jewelers                                   

LifeCore Prima Solo                              

Estudioplay.com (Brazil)

Compass Studios                                  

Lauren Hanna Interiors                          

Conduto Inc. (Brazil)


Treasure Island Casino                          

Salvaro (Brazil)             

Vocal Stream                                        

Franchise Resources                             

Ceusa (Brazil)

Secure Horizons                                    

Marketing Architects                              

Atlantico Sul (Brazil)