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Audio Books Are A Growing Market.

A huge part, over $1,400,000,000, of last year's book sales was in audio books. Downloadable  books led that pack. As an author it is a part of your sales stream. 

Every author dreams of their story being read by others. In an era of independent publishing and declining sales of traditional books, this is getting harder and harder to realize. More people downloaded books last year than bought paper copies in brick and mortar stores.

Voxmasters understands that many of you have not ventured into the realm of audio books for fear of the cost.  Given that your friends and neighbors are listening to these books while they drive, jog, do laundry, and lift weights, can you afford to ignore this vital part of the market? 

We'll let the Wall Street Journal tell the story for us. Click this link and see what they have to say about the industry and how vital it is to get a great voice to record your book. Audio books are here to stay and we want to help you secure your place in that market.